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Email Devotions

This is a listing of Primitive Baptist email devotions. To subscribe to any (or ALL) of these email devotions, simply email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will forward your request along.

Food For Thought For Your Week PDF Print E-mail

Food For Thought For Your Week is a Monday morning email devotion by Elder Clayton Nowell from Headland, Alabama. This weekly devotion features a short article of encouraging words to begin each work week focusing on Christ.

Glad Tidings PDF Print E-mail

Glad Tidings is a monthly newsletter containing edifying articles from Primitive Baptist ministers, questions about the Bible to provoke further study, and meeting announcements primarily from North Mississippi Primitive Baptist churches and the surrounding areas.

Gospel Gleanings PDF Print E-mail

Gospel Gleanings is a weekly email devotion by Elder Joseph R Holder, Riverside, California.

These in-depth, expository devotions take you through entire books of the Bible, a week at a time.

Morning Thoughts PDF Print E-mail

Morning Thoughts is a periodic email devotion by Elder Philip Conley, Danville, Georgia.

From the preface of Morning Thoughts, Volume 1, Elder Conley writes:

"These thoughts and meditations generally are about a verse or series of verses in a passage...I hope that these writings strengthen, edify, and comfort the Lord's people and above all, uplift the matchless name of Jesus Christ."

The Truth Is PDF Print E-mail

The Truth Is is a daily email devotion from Elder Hulan Bass.

The daily devotions are comprised of one short scriptural point with corresponding verses.



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